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Sales Call Planning Specifics

My last article covered a few of the basics relating to planning to sell. I covered the importance of product knowledge and developing sales skills. Today I want to show you how to formally plan to make a call using a sales pre-call planning sheet.

Pre-sales call sheets force you to think about the elements you want the  call to contain, and make your calls more to the point and professional.

Please look at the pre-call sheet I have included below. This is obviously one developed by Sandler Training. It is designed for use with their program, but can be customized for your application. The main point is to observe the critical elements that Sandler chooses for call planning. These are not all that might be included but they do contain a very good basic list. You can scout the inter-webs and find many more examples to use for creating your own.

sandler planning tool

The main point is to use a tool that will help you plan. It is that important!



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