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I am doing a training session this week for a couple of reps who have sold for less than a year. They have had time to get a good bit of experience and by now have faced the many obstacles that come with working in the sales arena. One of those obstacles is deciding how best to work a territory. Here is what we will discuss:

How to Structure and work your Sales Territory

1. Arrange by zip code

Build a spread sheet with contact and account names with addresses phone numbers and zip code. Sort the list by zip code.

2. Determine call frequency by purchase volume and the call frequency desired by the  customer. (This varies by industry and whether you are in a farmer or hunter position).

3. Load customer calls in a calendar. Determine who will be personally visited and who will receive a phone call. Don’t be afraid to mix and vary the two contact methods. Be sure to think of ways to bring value to a client each time you make contact with them. Be the idea person. This means you have to always be searching for new ideas to bring value. Use these occasions to share new products and programs that will benefit the end user. Remember, most people WANT to see new things.

4. Schedule prospecting time daily. Make at least four new customer calls per day. Schedule them around the geographic areas you will travel as you see existing clients

5. Always be prospecting

6. Always be prospecting

7. Always be prospecting

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Sales Leader and Coach Vice President of Sales at Central Paper Company Birmingham, Alabama President +Plus Sales Training and Coaching


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