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Sell Bigger Deals

In distribution sales, we have the option of selling many different things. Some items we sell are small, low dollar, individual skus, but others like equipment are several thousand dollars.

Selling smaller dollar items can be strategically advantageous in getting started with a new customer, but it is easy to habitually sell them to the exclusion of the larger dollar items. So what difference does it make as long as you sell something? Good question….

One reason is because to grow business at an acceptable rate it usually takes many thousands of dollars in sales. Which is faster, and more efficient? Count to one hundred by ones, or count to a hundred by tens? The answer is obvious! Larger items get you to sales goals more quickly.

Since selling larger items means gaining a commitment from the buyer to a larger dollar spend, the buyer is more thoughtful and careful in their analysis. Budgets have to be considered, and how to fund the purchase decided. All this means that a compelling case must be made that the investment is outweighed by the benefits.

It requires that you, the salesperson, must be better at your craft to sell the bigger items than the smaller ones. Getting better requires time, energy, and focus. It is hard work but it does pay off in bigger rewards.

Confidence is the key factor. Do you feel you CAN sell the bigger items? If not, increase your knowledge of the product, market, sales skills, and prospect and your confidence will grow.

Last, consider that selling larger dollar items usually means you will sell smaller less expensive items along with the larger sell. In other words, you will get pull through on accessory type items.

In the Jan/San business, we sell a floor scrubber for $12,000 but also sell the $30 box of floor pads or $40 pail of detergent to run through the machine. We sell a preventative maintenance program and later do repairs on the equipment. We also sell complimenting equipment like floor sweepers or burnishers. The larger sales have a gravity field that pulls smaller items with them.

In the end, they accelerate growth.

About Louie Davis

Sales Leader and Coach Vice President of Sales at Central Paper Company Birmingham, Alabama President +Plus Sales Training and Coaching


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