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Funny What you Notice…or Don’t Notice

I am grateful to live in a nice neighborhood. One of its benefits is that it is friendly to walkers. Nice flat, wide sidewalks facilitate a pleasurable space to walk the dog, jog, or just take a leisurely stroll. I find it a joy to look at the nice homes and landscaping. Geese fly over quite often on their way to and from the waterholes they enjoy nearby. I enjoy a good fast paced walk almost daily.

It’s funny what you notice and don’t notice in your world. Yesterday I became keenly aware of how almost all our uniform black mailboxes are littered with bird poop! It is really quite obvious since the black mailboxes provide such a contrasting canvas for the white and brown deposits. It is unsanitary and unsightly to say the least.

Question. Why do people who otherwise have beautiful homes and yards allow such a thing? It is not hard to Google “how to prevent it bird poop on mailboxes” so why do we just ignore it?

Answer. We don’t see it anymore. It is there in plain sight but the subconscious mind simply has instructed our conscious mind that this is normal. It is ok. Its just part of the landscape.

Interesting to note that one neighbor has a nice CLEAN mailbox. I looked at her mailbox closely to determine what was different but saw nothing different. However, on further examination, I say that she had strategically placed a plastic owl on her garage floodlight. The owl was almost undetectable and blended with the beautiful facade of the home, but obviously the birds see it and stay away! Problem solved.

Point. Be aware of the things in your life that don’t serve you. Things that just blend in and you don’t notice, even though they may be as unsightly as bird poop. Get yourself a nice little owl:)

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