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The Rookie and the Law of Reciprocity

A person new to sales has much to learn. As a sales trainer, I want to share the important stuff first, share it repetitively, and passionately, so the Rookie can’t miss it.

So what do I share first?

Sales Philosophy.

What does that mean?

Thanks for askingšŸ˜€.

The basic sales philosophy I share is that sales is something we do for someone and not to someone. In other words, our sales work has a goal of benefiting the buyer, not just the seller. It really should be done to improve the buyers situation.

So often, Rookies go into sales thinking about what they want (not just Rookies do this but veterans are all too often guilty as well). There is a universal law that applies here that must be embraced. It is the Law of Reciprocity.

The Law of Reciprocity dictates that to receive we must first give before we receive. For salespeople, that means we must find a way to bring some benefit or benefits to a prospective customer before we can expect them to participate in a transaction that will benefit us. We must find a way to make that customers situation better than it is now, before expecting them to deal with us. Once we show the other person that this is true, they in turn are willing to enter into the transaction gladly. In turn, the salesperson will then be benefitted also.

There are myriad examples of the Law of Reciprocity in nature. One of the most obvious is the way it applies to the farmer. We all know that in order for the farmer to reap a harvest, she must first give seed to the earth by planting. After planting, watering and weeding must also be practiced for maximum harvest. In the end, the crop comes forth in abundance.

Hold this in your mind as your journey into your career and into every sales situation and benefit from the sales philosophy of doing something for someone not to someone.

About Louie Davis

Sales Leader and Coach Vice President of Sales at Central Paper Company Birmingham, Alabama President +Plus Sales Training and Coaching


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