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Will you Excel

A positive to emerge from the difficulties of 2020 is a greater respect for the Jan/San industry. The work done by those in our industry is important. We have always known that. Nevertheless, others sometimes perceive the industry as being less important than it is. That has all changed. The Covid-19 Pandemic has spotlighted our … Continue reading

A New World has Arrived for Outside Reps

the on-set of the Pandemic has accelerated the cultural shift and we have landed in a new world. Continue reading

The New Sales Rep

One of the most important functions of sales leaders is to recruit, train, coach, and ultimately develop productive salespeople. I have a quote by someone (not sure who) in my #Evernote stack that says, “People make the difference…between success and failure…mediocrity and greatness”. This truth is never more evident for a company than when recruiting … Continue reading

Target Accounts are Critical to Your Success

Sales leaders are always discussing how we can get more production from our teams. There are many different things we discuss. Prospecting, follow up, presentation, closing, and the list goes on. All these are a part of it, but I am convinced that one element is critical. It is the establishment of a proper prospective … Continue reading

Prospecting Does Not Have to be Frustrating for a New Rep

My last article spoke to a common situation experienced by inexperienced sales reps. Specifically, how suspects (someone we contact on a sales call that is not yet qualified to be a prospect) will often try to get rid of the sales rep by brushing them off. The specific brush off I discussed was the “Just … Continue reading

Why prospecting is so frustrating for new reps

Most of the time the new rep salivates at the opportunity to do the quote! Why wouldn’t they? Isn’t this a clear buying signal? In their mind, it is. But not really. Continue reading

The Rookie and the Law of Reciprocity

The Law of Reciprocity dictates that to receive we must first give. For salespeople, that means we must find a way to bring some benefit or benefits to a prospective customer. Continue reading

Funny What you Notice…or Don’t Notice

It’s funny what you notice and don’t notice in your world. Continue reading

What I Think About on Vacation

thoughts are powerful things…they can be the spark that ignites plans to realize the desire of your heart Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day and Thank You All

Yesterday I spoke with a couple of close friends from way back just to say Happy Father’s Day and to reconnect. I also visited my Dad and immediate family that evening. This type of connection causes me to reflect on gratefulness. I realize there are many people who have helped me over the years as … Continue reading