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Funny What you Notice…or Don’t Notice

It’s funny what you notice and don’t notice in your world. Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day and Thank You All

Yesterday I spoke with a couple of close friends from way back just to say Happy Father’s Day and to reconnect. I also visited my Dad and immediate family that evening. This type of connection causes me to reflect on gratefulness. I realize there are many people who have helped me over the years as … Continue reading

Sell Bigger Deals

In distribution sales, we have the option of selling many different things. Some items we sell are small, low dollar, individual skus, but others like equipment are several thousand dollars. Selling smaller dollar items can be strategically advantageous in getting started with a new customer, but it is easy to habitually sell them to the … Continue reading

Mindset is Critical for Effective Problem Solving

Preparing to Sell

Must have product knowledge and sales skills to win in sales Continue reading

Getting Started in Sales

Welcome to the Sales World! Being new in sales is exciting and challenging all at the same time. It is a little like being in Starfleet and a crew member on the USS Enterprise… exploring brave new worlds where YOU have never gone before. Fortunately, others HAVE gone there! Me for example. Continue reading