Bookkeeping for Alabama Small Business

The mission of Plus Sales Bookkeeping and owner Louie Davis is to help small business owners be more profitable by providing accurate, timely, and crystal-clear financial information and bookkeeping for Alabama business.

Business owners have a never-ending list of tasks each day. Some tasks seem urgent and scream for attention but don’t do anything to grow business. Bookkeeping and accounting functions are critically important, but are better handled by outsourced professionals, freeing you to do what is most important… run your business. That is where we come in.

We do monthly bookkeeping, reconcile bank and credit card accounts, create profit and loss statements, keep your balance sheet in order, plus other bookkeeping and accounting functions. We can help you see where your money is coming from and where it is going, and how to better manage that cash flow.

We also help you understand the numbers, and interpret what the numbers mean, and how they affect your business.

We keep you tax ready so that filing at year end is painless. You are not scrambling to find documents for the tax preparer. Tax savings is a focus. Our goal is to keep you from paying more than you owe.

Our goal is to be a trusted advisor that you can count on to provide fast, accurate and affordable service.

Based in the metro Birmingham, Alabama area, but able to serve clients across Alabama utilizing the latest in secure cloud-based technology. QuickBooks Online is the main tool used to perform the work. It is the apex of accounting software. Its security, functionality, ability to work with other financial software applications is unparalleled.

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Bookkeeping for Alabama Businesses has never been so convenient!


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