Bookkeeping Services

Plus Sales is a bookkeeping service that strives to make the business owners life a bit more simple. Our job is to free owners from concern regarding financial record keeping. We believe the owner’s time is better spent running and growing their business. The goal is to provide the sound financial support needed to do that.

Accurate and timely bookkeeping is the basis for sound financial operations. Bookkeeping is the starting point for developing useful financial information and the basis of tax filings. Errors in the books can be very expensive.  They can lead to poor decision making, and often cost thousands in overpaid taxes. This vital work is best suited to bookkeeping professionals.

QuickBooks Online is the accounting platform we use. It is the industry leader and can accommodate practically 100% of small businesses accounting needs. It syncs with many financial apps (e.g., time tracking, expense reporting, online bill paying, etc.) that provide for a more efficient accounting system, which increases accuracy and saves a tremendous amount of time and money. We are Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors for QuickBooks Online.

  • Bank Capture

    Capturing and properly coding all bank, payment service, and credit card transactions (We make sure your books and the bank records match)

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    Monthly bank and credit card reconciliation

  • Accounts receivables

    Accounts receivables

  • Accounts payables

    Accounts payables

  • Job costing

    Payroll processing and tax filing

  • Inventory

    Inventory tracking

  • Fixed asset management

    Fixed asset management (work in conjunction with your CPA to record depreciation)

  • Sales tax accounting and filing

    Sales tax accounting and filing

  • Financial reporting

    Financial reporting (Income Statements, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flow, Accounts receivable and Accounts payable reporting)

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    Year end 1099 filings